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"I first got a massage from Jenny when I was pregnant, I was getting bad shoulder pain and had been going to the osteopath but felt I needed to have a massage to help me relax! After that first massage I stopped going to the osteopath and am now a regular client of Jenny’s. I would definitely recommend Jenny to anyone whether it be for a particular problem or just a relaxing massage, Jenny will make you feel better!! Plus if you have private health care you can claim most of it back!"  
- Michelle – Full time, part-time Nurse!

"A few days ago I found the perfect place to have a massage. It is located in Camberwell and, as long as you call to confirm, it is ok to bring your baby or toddler along. The place is called Jenny Massage: www.jennymassage.com and I highly recommend it. I went there with my baby and it was awesome, I am looking forward to go back again, and I will!" - natalia@babygoround 

"I have been a regular massage therapy client of Jenny's for a few months now. I started going to Jenny for assistance with stress and tension which had led to shoulder and neck soreness as well as tension headaches. I found that Jenny easily diagnosed my tension points and provided intensive therapy to address the key areas of concern. Jenny also provided advice and tips for me to use between visits. Within a few months I have noticed as significant reduction in soreness and tension"
Erica Hughes - Financial Services Executive

"As I work in retail and am on my feet ALL DAY, I am very glad that Jenny can take care of my body so well. I have a massage once a month and couldn’t function properly without it as she works on all my tight bits and sore bits. I love you Jenny" - Carol Dunstan (Mature Age!!!!)

"I went to see Jenny when I was having terrible headaches – she booked me in at short notice after a 3 day long headache and it was gone the next day. She really cares about you and your wellbeing. She finds the problem, understands how your muscles interact to tackle the problem and relieve the pressure. She is also so easy to contact by sms and book an appointment. I would highly recommend Jenny to others. - Kerry (from Mont Albert) PS. I recommended Jenny to my husband and he is a big fan too!

"Jenny who is my best therapist in the world. I was impressed about her first session because she checked my body and explained where has a trouble and how to treat my body before starting massage. I am so happy about not just only her massage technique and also her intervention"
- Kim (kiyomi) Miyahara (Nurse - Box hill Hospital)

"I regularly experience uncomfortable back, shoulder and neck tension. I have visited a good number of massage therapists for this over the years. Jenny is the most effective therapist I have found. Now that I have 'discovered' Jenny, I will not be using other therapists. I come to Jenny feeling stiff and tight and leave feeling supple and relaxed. Jenny seems to instinctively know where the source of tension is and expertly remove it. She is also highly professional and friendly (and doesn't talk during the massage if you don't want!!)" - Emma - Senior Project Manager

"Extremely firm massage techique" - Silvio Giuliani - Retail Designer/Project Manager

I am quite particular about selecting a remedial massage therapist. I've been to a few in Melbourne, and Jenny is the only therapist I have found that really fixes my back and shoulder problems. It's a breeze to schedule appointments through SMS (so nice when I am at work) and she can schedule me in quickly. I'm so happy I found this great little place in Camberwell!! - Kara Gibson

Since I moved to Melbourne I have been tying to find a therapist who can fix all of my older sports injuries, none succeeded if anything they make it worst. Until I was referred to Jenny by a friend. I have been surrounded by professional therapist all my entire youth due to my sports injuries so I can tell the difference easily who is good and knows what they're doing or just so called therapist, and I think Jenny is really truly great! She knows really well how muscle works and where to massage and that makes a huge difference. I have been going to her every week with different problems and her response every time is a nice big smile! It's been a few months now and I can see myself going there for a very long time. Thank you Jenny! I highly recommend Jenny! - Katharina R.

I've been seeing Jenny during my second and third trimester of pregnancy, and look forward to the relaxing and peaceful experience, while having the benefit of soothing sore muscles. Jenny is friendly, professional and knowledgable. Highly recommended! See you soon! - Kate :)

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